Minhal Nazeer

Minhal Nazeer

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Research Co-Coordinator & Board Member

Minhal Nazeer is the co-lead of the Kentucky Student Voice Team's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research and Policy work and a KSVT Board Member.


Minhal Nazeer the co-lead of KSVT's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research and Policy team and a KSVT Board Member. She first became involved with the Kentucky Student Voice Team as an analyst for the statewide Race to Learn Research Study which elicited over 10,000 responses from Kentucky middle and high school students sharing their experiences and perspectives about how race and ethnicity impact their sense of belonging in school and has since participated in a number of professional development presentations and helped train and support the inaugural Education Journalism Fellowship Cohort.

When she’s off the clock, she enjoys spending time with her friends and catching up on the latest Marvel Disney+ TV Shows with her family. She hopes to impact other young students of color by providing the space and opportunity to hear their own voices reflected in the world around them.

Minhal is a student at Kentucky Country Day School.

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Minhal Nazeer

We Were Impacted by the Old National Bank Shooting. We Need Better Gun Control Legislation.

Following the Old National Bank shooting in Louisville, two students speak to being indirectly impacted by gun violence–and call for change.

Student CROWN Act Advocates Rally At Capitol

Organized by ACLU Kentucky and the Real Young Prodigys, hundreds of students across Kentucky joined forces to advocate for the passage of Senate Bill 63, colloquially known as the CROWN Act.

What is School For?

Members of the KSVT Press Corps reflect on the structural level of what school means. Read a lightly edited roundtable transcript from September 26, 2022.

Young Kentuckians have essential role in realizing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream

Across Kentucky, young people are taking to heart MLK’s admonition from a Birmingham jail cell that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

An Intimate Conversation with Jefferson County's School Board Candidates

Our schools' primary stakeholders may be too young to vote for those who represent us on our district school boards, but we're note too young to have a voice in the process. Our Youth-Led Virtual Town Hall was centered around ways to make Kentucky schools more equitable. We pushed candidates to share their plans to make resources more accessible to underserved students as well as to better support our district’s educators.  

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A graphic depicting raised hands of various races

Race To Learn


This study distills the results from the 10,725 Kentucky middle and high school students from 114 counties who took our Race, Ethnicity, and School Climate Student Survey.

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