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Students at a 2020 religious high school in Burien, Washington hold signs under the cross of their school in support of teachers who were forced to resign because of their sexual orientation. Photo credit: KOMO News

For LGBTQ+ Students in Kentucky’s Catholic Schools, School Isn’t Safe

Prejudice, exclusion, and hatred are subjects they know all too well.
An open drawer of period products, including pads and tampons.

Kentucky schools should provide menstrual products, period.

Senate Bill 55 mandates that all public and charter schools with grades 4-12 have free period products available for students. 
Students of all ages gather on the steps of the Kentucky Capitol, holding signs in support of the CROWN Act.

Student CROWN Act Advocates Rally At Capitol

Organized by ACLU Kentucky and the Real Young Prodigys, hundreds of students across Kentucky joined forces to advocate for the passage of Senate Bill 63, colloquially known as the CROWN Act.
A school white board is at the front of a classroom. Empty seats at a long desk are in front of it, with backpacks on the backs of chairs and textbooks spread across the desk.

Harmful Lessons: How Kentucky classrooms can perpetuate violence and what we can do about it

Curriculum violence can be either intentional or unintentional, but it still negatively impacts students and causes lasting harm.

3 Bills Would Increase Student Representation in KY Education Decisions

The three bills enable Kentucky students to hold their schools accountable, and are backed by bipartisan support.
A dark blue megaphone is in the left corner, with the words "BOLD JOURNALISM, BRAVE ADVOCACY" in orange and blue coming out of it. The image is a logo for Student Press Freedom Day on Feb. 23rd.

Kentucky Student Journalists Need New Voices Legislation

Join Kentucky’s youth journalists in recognizing Student Press Freedom Day on February 23rd and supporting the New Voices Legislation.
A red pencil is breaking after it underlines "STRESS," which is written in bright red capital letters on a white piece of paper.

Under Pressure: An essay on school stress and mental health

Immense pressure built into school isn’t consistent with supporting students’ mental health.
A stack of books is on a light-colored wood table. Behind the books, someone lays their head down on the table from stress, with their elbows poking out from either side of the stack.

We Need More Student-Led Mental Health Guidance in Schools

Over 130,000 young Kentuckians deal with anxiety and depression. We need to center students’ mental health solutions in schools.
gender logo on bathroom stall door graphic

Down the Drain: School Bathroom Privacy & Upkeep

This is the first installment of Down the Drain on bathroom maintenance (and who pays for messiness) and school bathroom privacy.
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