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(Original graphic by Ava Hurwitz) A pink image with white, orange, and navy blue fists holding microphones and pens raised in the year. On the top of the image, "powerfully persistent" is in bold orange and navy lettering.

We Should Continue Supporting Student Press Freedom

In this opinion piece, a student journalist examines the importance of student press freedom.
Art work and design by Ava Hurwitz. A graphic with SB 80 on it with an orange and pink background. Graphics saying "your vote matters!" and showing ballot boxes and voting IDs are to the right of the image.

Kentucky students need encouragement to get to the polls. SB 80 creates barriers instead.

In this opinion piece, Isabella Edghill examines barriers created by SB 80, and why Kentucky students need more encouragement to get to the polls, not less.
A close-up of a yellow pencil on a white background.

“The Most Stressful Time of the Year": How Finals Week Impacts Students’ Mental Health

In this op-ed, a student examines the impact of end-of-term, high-stakes exams.
A row of yellow school buses shown from overhead.

The Kentucky Legislature Responds to Education Transportation Issues

Given the statewide nature of education transportation issues, what responsibility does the state government have in implementing a solution?
Red, white, and blue stickers that say "I voted."

In the Race For Governor, Education Plans are Front and Center

How do the two gubernatorial candidates plan to improve the education of Kentucky students? More importantly, what do students have to say about this?
An up-close shot of candy corn.

Short & Sweet: The New Edu’s Halloween Hot Takes

Six of The New Edu’s writers shared their Halloween hot takes.
A row of grey lockers in a school.

SB 5: "Harmful to Minors"

In this opinion piece, a student discusses the impact of SB 5 on education.
A close-up picture of library books.

Kentucky Students on Their Favorite Banned Books

For Banned Books Week, Kentucky students share books they love that have been subject to bans, challenges, or debate.
A close-up photo of colorful library books on a shelf.

A War Beyond Words: How book bans perpetuate the underrepresentation of vulnerable communities

In this reported piece, a student examines the impact of book bans, harms of censorship, and highlights solutions from experts.

Book Bans Limit What Education Should Be

In this opinion piece, a student argues that book bans limit worldviews, in and outside the classroom.
A school bus parked in an empty parking lot.

How do Kentucky schools support students in the aftermath of a bus crash?

It has been more than a year since the crash happened, but the memories do not absolve themselves easily in this firsthand account.
A close-up of the top of a yellow school bus.

JCPS Students Speak Out About "Transportation Disaster"

We heard from JCPS students on their experiences getting to and from school on August 9th, the impact this had on their bus drivers, and more.
jcps,busing,bus issues,louisville
A row of computers in a computer lab with an orange wall.

Youth Voice, Authorship, & Democracy: Unpacking Media Literacy with Dr. Renee Hobbs

In this Q&A with The New Edu’s Sara Falluji, Dr. Renee Hobbs breaks down what media literacy is, the importance of youth voice and authorship, and how intergenerational conversations factor in
SB 150 Rally looking out onto group

When Legislators Won’t Listen: A Student Reflects on SB 150

Students walked out and protested against SB 150. Now, we’ve been failed by a system that is meant to protect us.
sb 150, watching 150, senate bill 150, trans, transgender
Flowers gathered in memorial for victims of the Old National Bank shooting in Louisville, KY. Photo courtesy of: Matt Stone/Louisville Courier Journal

We Were Impacted by the Old National Bank Shooting. We Need Better Gun Control Legislation.

Following the Old National Bank shooting in Louisville, two students speak to being indirectly impacted by gun violence–and call for change.
school safety,gun safety,shooting,louisville
Protestors gather at Kentucky's Capitol to protest SB 150. Protestors hold signs stating "trans rights are human rights."

Senate Bill 150 Is a Step Back Into the Closet for Trans Kentuckians

On March 29th, Kentucky's Republican supermajority voted to override Governor Andy Beshear’s veto—making SB 150, sweeping anti-trans legislation targeting trans youth, law.
Watching 150, SB 150, senate bill 150, trans, transgender
Students at a 2020 religious high school in Burien, Washington hold signs under the cross of their school in support of teachers who were forced to resign because of their sexual orientation. Photo credit: KOMO News

For LGBTQ+ Students in Kentucky’s Catholic Schools, School Isn’t Safe

Prejudice, exclusion, and hatred are subjects they know all too well.
An open drawer of period products, including pads and tampons.

Kentucky schools should provide menstrual products, period.

Senate Bill 55 mandates that all public and charter schools with grades 4-12 have free period products available for students. 
Students of all ages gather on the steps of the Kentucky Capitol, holding signs in support of the CROWN Act.

Student CROWN Act Advocates Rally At Capitol

Organized by ACLU Kentucky and the Real Young Prodigys, hundreds of students across Kentucky joined forces to advocate for the passage of Senate Bill 63, colloquially known as the CROWN Act.
A school white board is at the front of a classroom. Empty seats at a long desk are in front of it, with backpacks on the backs of chairs and textbooks spread across the desk.

Harmful Lessons: How Kentucky classrooms can perpetuate violence and what we can do about it

Curriculum violence can be either intentional or unintentional, but it still negatively impacts students and causes lasting harm.
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