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Youth Voice, Authorship, & Democracy: Unpacking Media Literacy with Dr. Renee Hobbs

In this Q&A with The New Edu’s Sara Falluji, Dr. Renee Hobbs breaks down what media literacy is, the importance of youth voice and authorship, and how intergenerational conversations factor in

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Isabella Edghill

Isabella Edghill attends DuPont Manual High School and a member of the Kentucky Student Voice Team.

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Nisha Ajana

Nisha Ajana is a junior at Tates Creek High School.

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Lily Alvey

Lily Alvey is a sophomore at Ballard high school. Lily likes to watch old rom coms from the 90’s, and start writing new stories while she’s in the middle of other ones.

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Willow Bacon

Willow is a 9th grade student at Tate’s Creek High School. You can usually find her drawing, writing, reading, doing color guard, or laying in bed watching Youtube.

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Abena Baidoo

Abena Baidoo is a member of the Kentucky Student Voice Team's inaugural Education Journalism Fellowship Cohort and an eighth grade student at Leestown Middle School in Lexington, Kentucky. She is passionate about a lot of things, including art, music and the new Stranger Things season.

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Esha Bajwa

Esha Bajwa (she/her) is the Kentucky Student Voice Team's Representative to the Student Action Network for Equity and a member of the board.

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Matida Bojang

Matida Bojang is an ninth-grade student at Fredrick Douglas High School, in Lexington, Kentucky. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and things that have to do with technology.

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Dan Bush

Dan Bush is going into eighth grade at Bondurant Middle School. You can typically find them in the band room practicing bass clarinet when not in classes.

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Michael Elliot

Michael Elliott is a sophomore at Ignite Institute in Northern, Kentucky. He's passionate about design work, films, climate change, and other hobbies.

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Carrington Emanuel

Carrington attends Leestown Middle School in Lexington. She is a die hard Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé stan and can rap some songs word for word. She plays clarinet and volleyball and likes to hang out with her friends and family.

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Emma Genson

Emma Genson is member of the inaugural KSVT Education Journalism Fellowship Cohort and a sophomore at Ignite Institute in Erlanger, Kentucky. She has a crazy obsession over 90’s rock music, or just music in general!

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Embree Higgins

Embree Higgins is an eighth grade student at Leestown Middle School in Lexington and a member of the Kentucky Student Voice Team's inaugural Education Journalism Fellowship Cohort.

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Emma Kerr

Emma Kerr attends Noe Middle School in Louisville,Kentucky. When she's bored, she plays video games like Minecraft and More. She owns 5 amazing cats and, oddly, doesn't like pizza!

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Norah Laughter

Norah Laughter is an Associate Editor of The New Edu education journalism news service, a senior advisor to the KSVT, a 2022 graduate of Warren County High School and an undergraduate at Yale University.

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Dahlyla Leslie

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Kei Merrick

Kei Merrick is an an eighth grader at Leestown Middle School in Lexington, Kentucky. He really enjoy free writing and listening to music. He also loves practicing various instruments and reading fiction books.

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Minhal Nazeer

Minhal Nazeer is the co-lead of the Kentucky Student Voice Team's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research and Policy work and a KSVT Board Member.

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Ramona Pierce

Ramona Pierce works with storytelling facilitators and student writers to edit submitted pieces for The New Edu newsroon. She also serves as a connection between the overlapping work of KSVT and the Student Action Network for Equity (SANE), where she helps review funding requests from student-led organizations across the country.

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Charlotte Ranallo

Charlotte Ranallo is a freshman. She goes to Owensboro Innovation Academy. She is passionate about equal rights for all. She also enjoys music and coffee.

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Avril Rodriguez

Avril Rodriguez is a freshman at Frederick Douglass High School in Lexington, Kentucky. Her favorite color is lavender. She loves reading dystopian novels, and spending time with family.

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Louis Schlosser

Louis Schlosser is a sophomore at Beechwood High School in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. When he's not playing tennis or soccer, he enjoys competing on his school's speech and debate team and engaging in outdoor activities.

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Anna Sugg

Anna Sugg (she/her) is a correspondent for KSVT's Press Corps and a student at Sacred Heart Academy.

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Khoa (Ai) Ta

Khoa Ta is a 9th Grade freshman at Owensboro High school in Owensboro, Kentucky. They have an infinite wonder around the topics of business, technology, and law in which they want to better the world with. They believe in human equality and equal opportunities, especially in voicing opinions.

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Aiden Vilo

Aiden manages journalistic work in regards to student storytelling and edits submitted pieces for The New Edu.

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Austin Vitato

Austin Vitato is currently a freshman at the J Graham Brown School. He is an avid athlete including being a district all-star basketball player! He also loves playing golf, running cross country and swimming for his school’s teams. Family is a very important part of Austin’s life and identity. He is very excited to join the KSVT cohort, and make an impact!

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The New Edu is Kentucky's only statewide, independent, student-run education journalism service. Read more from our archives and from our prototype, The Student Voice Forum.

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We Were Impacted by the Old National Bank Shooting. We Need Better Gun Control Legislation.

Following the Old National Bank shooting in Louisville, two students speak to being indirectly impacted by gun violence–and call for change.

Senate Bill 150 Is a Step Back Into the Closet for Trans Kentuckians

On March 29th, Kentucky's Republican supermajority voted to override Governor Andy Beshear’s veto—making SB 150, sweeping anti-trans legislation targeting trans youth, law.

For LGBTQ+ Students in Kentucky’s Catholic Schools, School Isn’t Safe

Prejudice, exclusion, and hatred are subjects they know all too well.

Kentucky schools should provide menstrual products, period.

Senate Bill 55 mandates that all public and charter schools with grades 4-12 have free period products available for students. 

Student CROWN Act Advocates Rally At Capitol

Organized by ACLU Kentucky and the Real Young Prodigys, hundreds of students across Kentucky joined forces to advocate for the passage of Senate Bill 63, colloquially known as the CROWN Act.

Harmful Lessons: How Kentucky classrooms can perpetuate violence and what we can do about it

Curriculum violence can be either intentional or unintentional, but it still negatively impacts students and causes lasting harm.

3 Bills Would Increase Student Representation in KY Education Decisions

The three bills enable Kentucky students to hold their schools accountable, and are backed by bipartisan support.

Kentucky Student Journalists Need New Voices Legislation

Join Kentucky’s youth journalists in recognizing Student Press Freedom Day on February 23rd and supporting the New Voices Legislation.

Under Pressure: An essay on school stress and mental health

Immense pressure built into school isn’t consistent with supporting students’ mental health.