We place an emphasis on sharing with teachers, administrators, policymakers and our fellow students about the power of student voice and how they can support youth changemakers.

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We can present on a variety of topics

We have presented to groups ranging from local school councils and statewide student conferences to national and international professional convenings. By amplifying and elevating the stories we hear from students and original youth-led research we conduct across Kentucky, we offer fresh perspectives far beyond our own.

Our presentations are typically intergenerational and interactive. And they are designed and led by students in a way that models the type of authentic student voice we aim to promote and support.

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Unleashing Student Voice to Co-Create More Just, Democratic Schools

Students are the subjects and recipients of education research, policy, and practice but are seldom agents in crafting those efforts. In this session, we make the case for integrating more student feedback in education design and decision-making and share our research, policy, and advocacy work on some key education equity issues.

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Every Adult Can Learn

Adult allies who know how to shift and cede power to young people play a critical role in helping students realize their agency and have an impact. In this session, we share our lived and expert knowledge to lay out exactly how adults can partner with students in meaningful ways to promote better schools.

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At the height of debate about critical race theory (CRT) and efforts to limit conversation about systemic racism in school, we realized that young people were missing from the conversation. In this session, we'll share what we learned from our survey of over 10,000 Kentucky students about how race and ethnicity affects their school experience and how policymakers can take their perspetives into consideration.

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REady or Not

In this session, we share what we learned from young people across Kentucky about the challenges navigating the postsecondary transition process and make the case for policymakers to put quantitative data into context and consider both the head and the heart in education decisions.

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Coping with Covid

In this session, we share what we learned from over 10,000 Kentucky students in the early days of the pandemic and how others can adapt our approach to enlist students as serious research partners to surface youth insights on other education challenges.

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