Anopa Francis Musoni

Anopa Francis Musoni



Lexington, KY

Board Member & Senior Advisor


Anopa Francis Musoni is a former Fayette County student whose vital interests in the intersection between societal changes and education have led him to join the Kentucky Student Voice Team.

As an 8th grader, Anopa analyzed students' abstract personal accounts, turning them into understandable statistical data as a part of the Coping with COVID Student-to-Student Study. Furthermore, Anopa found the perfect combination of his interest in personal accounts, educational discrepancies, and his love for talking in the "Get Schooled" Podcast. As a podcast team member, Anopa worked to create a platform to candidly allow students across the state to discuss issues found in education among their peers. As the Podcast Coordinator, Anopa expanded on this by exploring the implications of the legislation on students' education through the series "Policy Pulse Check" and working alongside other project coordinators to present the team's work nationwide.

Outside of the team, Anopa has served as a student advisor to the Kentucky Department of Education's Student Advisory Council, where, as a member, he used his position to advocate for marginalized students across Kentucky. In his community, Anopa helped create the brotherhood mentoring program, a program built to support his school's diversity, equity, and inclusion goals by mentoring marginalized young men on life skills and career readiness.

When Anopa is not working in his community to amplify student voice, he dedicates his time to exploring his love for the Ukulele and supporting the Real Madrid soccer team!

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