Sara Falluji

Sara Falluji


Washington, DC

Senior Advisor


Sara Falluji is an alum from Paul Laurence Dunbar HS in Fayette County, and is currently a Psychology and Political Science double-major in The George Washington University’s class of 2027.

Sara discovered KSVT in the summer before her freshman year through attending a meeting with her sister, and recognized KSVT as an opportunity for both her and others to regain control of their agency as Kentucky students.

In high school, she was a co-editor-in-chief for the Student Voice Forum (the blog preceding The New Edu), and helped to co-create The New Edu, serving as both an editor and contributor. She was also involved with the Get Schooled podcast, and was a co-coordinator and coach for student climate audits, working with several counties in Kentucky. Sara has assisted with KSVT’s research studies, mainly doing quantitative work for the “Coping With COVID: Student Stories Across Kentucky” study. She has also done development work and given presentations for and about KSVT, as well as a smattering of other work within KSVT.

While Sara’s legacy with KSVT is sending amusing chat messages during Zoom calls, she also serves as a senior advisor for KSVT. She hopes to carry the excitement and energy of KSVT always into her belief in the vital importance of student journalism, and her deep support for the larger student movement.

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Sara Falluji

Youth Voice, Authorship, & Democracy: Unpacking Media Literacy with Dr. Renee Hobbs

In this Q&A with The New Edu’s Sara Falluji, Dr. Renee Hobbs breaks down what media literacy is, the importance of youth voice and authorship, and how intergenerational conversations factor in

We Need Students To Tell The Stories of Our Schools

Students should have a say in their schools, which means they should have a say in how issues of education justice are shared, reported, and written about, too. That's why KSVT is launching The New Edu.

Notable Contributions

A graphic depicting raised hands of various races

Race To Learn


This study distills the results from the 10,725 Kentucky middle and high school students from 114 counties who took our Race, Ethnicity, and School Climate Student Survey.

A graphic depicting nine students on a confernce call grid

Coping with COVID-19


When Kentucky schools shut down due to coronavirus in the spring of 2020, we pivoted our school-level school climate work to design a relevant state-wide research study and recieved nearly 13,000 student responses from all of Kentucky's counties.

Kentucky Students Launch Independent Education Media Service


Young people from the Kentucky Student Voice Team published the first articles on The New Edu, a new youth-led education media service.

KSVT Adds Students & Adult Allies to Board


Thirteen students and two adult allies were appointed Directors of the Kentucky Student Voice Team on Friday. The intergenerational Board of Directors reflects KSVT’s mission to promote more democratic schools and communities.

Get Schooled Podcast, Student stories from across KY

Pressed About Tests: Flaws in Changes to AP Registration


Get Schooled Podcast, Student stories from across KY

Scandalous Shoulders and Ridiculous Rules: The Issue of Dress Code