Ramona Pierce

Ramona Pierce



Danville, KY

Board Member

Ramona Pierce works with storytelling facilitators and student writers to edit submitted pieces for The New Edu newsroon. She also serves as a connection between the overlapping work of KSVT and the Student Action Network for Equity (SANE), where she helps review funding requests from student-led organizations across the country.


Ramona Pierce (she/her) is the submissions editor for The New Edu and a SANE liaison. Ramona has been a part of KSVT since freshman year, when she co-facilitated a town hall for school board candidates in her area, and published her first piece on the Student Voice Forum (precursor to The New Edu), an exploration of performative online activism in the era of COVID shutdowns and Black Lives Matter protests. Since then, she has continued to contribute to various research and storytelling endeavors across KSVT. In 2022, she was appointed as a liaison between SANE and KSVT and as the submissions editor of The New Edu. She is grateful for the community she has found within the organization, and is happy to serve on KSVT's team of self-designated leadership. Ramona is a senior at Danville High School in Boyle County, KY. Outside of KSVT, she captains her school's quizbowl team, works as a cashier and babysitter, and is part of a student team researching peer relationships. She enjoys backpacking, music, reading, writing, spending time with her friends, and exploring natural attractions found across KY.

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Down the Drain: School Bathroom Privacy & Upkeep

This is the first installment of Down the Drain on bathroom maintenance (and who pays for messiness) and school bathroom privacy.

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Ramona Pierce

Kentucky Student Journalists Need New Voices Legislation

Join Kentucky’s youth journalists in recognizing Student Press Freedom Day on February 23rd and supporting the New Voices Legislation.

Down the Drain: School Bathroom Privacy & Upkeep

This is the first installment of Down the Drain on bathroom maintenance (and who pays for messiness) and school bathroom privacy.

Down the Drain: Vaping, Vandalism, & Bathroom Safety

This is the second installment of Down the Drain on what happens in a school bathroom besides the obvious, from vaping to vandalism, and bathroom safety.

Down the Drain: Real School Bathroom Accessibility

This is the third installment of Down the Drain on bathroom policy, from time to actually get to the bathroom to the lack of accessible, gender neutral bathrooms.

JCPS Students Speak Out About "Transportation Disaster"

We heard from JCPS students on their experiences getting to and from school on August 9th, the impact this had on their bus drivers, and more.

Senate Bill 150 Is a Step Back Into the Closet for Trans Kentuckians

On March 29th, Kentucky's Republican supermajority voted to override Governor Andy Beshear’s veto—making SB 150, sweeping anti-trans legislation targeting trans youth, law.

Notable Contributions

Time to Talk Research Report Cover Graphic

Time to Talk: A Qualitative Study of Students' Perspectives on Diversity and Representation in their Classrooms


This report presents findings from a Kentucky Student Voice Team 2024 study into students’ experiences with and perspectives on cultural diversity and racial representation in their classrooms and schools.

Elevating Student Voice Report Cover

Elevating Student Voice: A Learning Agenda


Created with KnowledgeWorks, 'Elevating Student Voice' emphasizes the significance of incorporating student input into educational decision-making and offers guidance to organizations on involving students.

A graphic depicting raised hands of various races

Race To Learn


This study distills the results from the 10,725 Kentucky middle and high school students from 114 counties who took our Race, Ethnicity, and School Climate Student Survey.

Time to Talk Report Cover Graphic

Kentucky Student Voice Team Releases Report on Racial Diversity & Inclusion in School


Youth-led research expands upon 2022 ‘Race to Learn’ study that gathered over 10,000 Kentucky student survey responses.

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