Norah Laughter

The New Edu Associate Editor & Senior Advisor

Norah Laughter is an Associate Editor of The New Edu education journalism news service, a senior advisor to the KSVT, a 2022 graduate of Warren County High School and an undergraduate at Yale University.


Norah Laughter (she/her) is the assignment editor for The New Edu and a senior advisor for the Kentucky Student Voice Team. In high school, she served as co-editor-in-chief of the Student Voice Forum, an independent blog before the development of The New Edu. She has also worked on numerous research projects, including Coping With Covid, where she conducted peer-to-peer interviews about the impacts of COVID-19 on schooling, Race to Learn, where she served as a qualitative data analyst and a speaker at numerous public events, including a rally outside Kentucky’s capitol, and The Co-Creation Generation, where she wrote about intergenerational partnership. Outside of KSVT, Norah serves on the National Youth Advisory Board at YR Media and as an editor for youth-led online publications Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine and dishsoap quarterly. She is an American Studies major and an undergraduate at Yale University.

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