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The New Edu author

Sound Off: Our Hopes For The New Edu

Click into The New Edu inaugural Journalist Fellows sounding off on their hopes for The New Edu.

Homeless in high school

When Lindsey was five, her mother, who had a stable job at the time, spiraled into drug addiction.

Don't call it an achievement gap

Kentucky has been called out by the federal government for our widening racial gaps in student performance.
gender inclusive bathroom sign

My Life as a Gender Non-Conforming Student

I don’t know what it’s like to be comfortable. I have never felt comfortable, never felt like I belonged. Never felt like I had a home. And that’s a really hard feeling to have. To acknowledge.
student frustrated with computer

Why I'm Failing to Grasp Standards-Based Grading

My school has begun the process of implementing standards-based grading, a strategy that seems to undermine the humane approach to my learning my teacher embodied that has worked so well for me.
person screaming at computer

Standards-Based Grading Not Yet Up to My Standard

The idea was that students can go back and fully relearn and reassess the material, even if they fail a test or get a high B.
Front door of school building

Criminalization of Students

Another group has also recently become hyper criminalized, their everyday behavior now framed as a threat to public safety. That group is students, specifically those in inner-city public schools.
Kentucky students in a classroom

Kentucky should be proud of Common Core

We Kentuckians are proud of our high standards. We are proud of the Common Core.
#stuvoice sign

A Student's Post-Election Reflection

After the election, my school was filled with confusion, uncertainty and even fear. I was shocked and still trying to wrap my brain around the outcome of the election, but for some students at my school the election could possibly alter the course of their lives.
Jack Bradley

All Means Me

There is a saying in the world of disability advocacy. The saying is, “all means all”.I like the idea behind “all means all” because I definitely don’t like the reality of life as I often experience it.
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