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3 Bills Would Increase Student Representation in KY Education Decisions

The three bills enable Kentucky students to hold their schools accountable, and are backed by bipartisan support.
A dark blue megaphone is in the left corner, with the words "BOLD JOURNALISM, BRAVE ADVOCACY" in orange and blue coming out of it. The image is a logo for Student Press Freedom Day on Feb. 23rd.

Kentucky Student Journalists Need New Voices Legislation

Join Kentucky’s youth journalists in recognizing Student Press Freedom Day on February 23rd and supporting the New Voices Legislation.
A red pencil is breaking after it underlines "STRESS," which is written in bright red capital letters on a white piece of paper.

Under Pressure: An essay on school stress and mental health

Immense pressure built into school isn’t consistent with supporting students’ mental health.
A stack of books is on a light-colored wood table. Behind the books, someone lays their head down on the table from stress, with their elbows poking out from either side of the stack.

We Need More Student-Led Mental Health Guidance in Schools

Over 130,000 young Kentuckians deal with anxiety and depression. We need to center students’ mental health solutions in schools.
gender logo on bathroom stall door graphic

Down the Drain: School Bathroom Privacy & Upkeep

This is the first installment of Down the Drain on bathroom maintenance (and who pays for messiness) and school bathroom privacy.
gender logo bathroom stall graphic

Down the Drain: Vaping, Vandalism, & Bathroom Safety

This is the second installment of Down the Drain on what happens in a school bathroom besides the obvious, from vaping to vandalism, and bathroom safety.
gender logo bathroom stall graphic

Down the Drain: Real School Bathroom Accessibility

This is the third installment of Down the Drain on bathroom policy, from time to actually get to the bathroom to the lack of accessible, gender neutral bathrooms.
In this Aug. 28, 1963, file photo, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, addresses marchers during his “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Young Kentuckians have essential role in realizing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream

Across Kentucky, young people are taking to heart MLK’s admonition from a Birmingham jail cell that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Photo by Robin Erino:

The Changing Climate Around Environmental Education in Kentucky Classrooms

How we teach environmental education in Kentucky is crucial not only for our planet, but for the future of our generation.
voting booth illustration

Should Sixteen be the New Voting Age?

Today is Election Day and we, as 16 and 17-year-olds, do not have the right to vote for matters that impact us more than anyone.
zoom town hall screenshot

An Intimate Conversation with Jefferson County's School Board Candidates

Our schools' primary stakeholders may be too young to vote for those who represent us on our district school boards, but we're note too young to have a voice in the process. Our Youth-Led Virtual Town Hall was centered around ways to make Kentucky schools more equitable. We pushed candidates to share their plans to make resources more accessible to underserved students as well as to better support our district’s educators.  

We Need Students To Tell The Stories of Our Schools

Students should have a say in their schools, which means they should have a say in how issues of education justice are shared, reported, and written about, too. That's why KSVT is launching The New Edu.
students discussing at table

What is School For?

Members of the KSVT Press Corps reflect on the structural level of what school means. Read a lightly edited roundtable transcript from September 26, 2022.
students with signs at KY capitol

A setback to education: How Attacks on Critical Race Theory Harm Education in Ohio County

A rural Kentucky student examines how the critical race theory debate is playing out in our schools and communities.
The New Edu author

Sound Off: Our Hopes For The New Edu

Click into The New Edu inaugural Journalist Fellows sounding off on their hopes for The New Edu.

Homeless in high school

When Lindsey was five, her mother, who had a stable job at the time, spiraled into drug addiction.

Don't call it an achievement gap

Kentucky has been called out by the federal government for our widening racial gaps in student performance.
gender inclusive bathroom sign

My Life as a Gender Non-Conforming Student

I don’t know what it’s like to be comfortable. I have never felt comfortable, never felt like I belonged. Never felt like I had a home. And that’s a really hard feeling to have. To acknowledge.
student frustrated with computer

Why I'm Failing to Grasp Standards-Based Grading

My school has begun the process of implementing standards-based grading, a strategy that seems to undermine the humane approach to my learning my teacher embodied that has worked so well for me.
person screaming at computer

Standards-Based Grading Not Yet Up to My Standard

The idea was that students can go back and fully relearn and reassess the material, even if they fail a test or get a high B.
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