Hiatt Allen

Hiatt Allen


A native of Lexington, Hiatt co-founded the team as a junior in high school, drawn to the idea that students should have a say in their learning.


Hiatt (he/him) has served KSVT in many capacities over the past ten years. As Associate Student Director, he helped lead the Powerball Promise campaign which successfully restored $14 million for need-based college scholarships in Kentucky. Hiatt also was the Publishing Editor of Ready or Not, the Co-Director of the March For Our Lives KY Teach-In & Rally in Frankfort, and a contributor to and editor of several KSVT policy and research reports. When KSVT became independent, Hiatt worked as the Operations Partner for two years and now serves as a Senior Advisor, member of the Board of Directors, and Secretary.

Hiatt graduated from American University in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and politics. Since 2018, he has been studying at the University of Chicago for a Master of Divinity & Master of Public Policy. He is working towards being an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Hiatt’s work has been driven by the belief that young people are one of the most important parts of our community. Through working with children and youth at Disciples youth groups, vacation bible schools, and camps, or through his many facets of work at the Kentucky Student Voice Team, Hiatt focuses on empowering youth to be leaders today.

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Notable Contributions

A graphic depicting raised hands of various races

Race To Learn


This study distills the results from the 10,725 Kentucky middle and high school students from 114 counties who took our Race, Ethnicity, and School Climate Student Survey.

A large group of students poses for a photo while holding signs with SVT logos and publication graphics

The Co-Creation Generation


We partnered with the Institute for Citizens & Scholars to release a report about intergenerational partnership. The report and tools are meant to help young people and adults build teams that center youth voice to build coalitions and communities.

Students speak to people gathered for a rally on the steps of the Kentucky State Capitol

Students As Partners


After two years of advocating for student involvement in education policy, KSVT takes a deep dive into the academic, legal, and evidence-based reasoning behind our central argument.

Silhouette of Kentucky graduate in the sunset

Uncovering the Tripwires to Postsecondary Success


KSVT's first policy report focused on three main barriers to college transitions: the birthright lottery, veiled college costs, and college and career unreadiness.

group photo from founding

Kentucky Students Mark a Decade of Education Research, Policy, and Advocacy


For over 10 years, young people in Kentucky have passed legislation, restored funding and amplified stories that are building a more just and equitable publication education system in the Commonwealth.

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